Our Partners

Golden Lotus


Golden Lotus runs and provides certification for the Basic Eldercare Skill Course. The training program offers the skills, knowledge and practice which is necessary to provide care for functionally dependent elderly patients. It includes comprehensive lab practices that teaches general nursing care, specialised nursing care to particular diseases, active and passive rehabilitation, monitoring of vital signs and blood sugar levels and response to clinical emergencies. The trainees from Golden lotus serve as our translators as we go door to door to interview the local villagers, they also help us to facilitate our health screenings and education programmes. We also provide the trainees with a unique avenue to serve their local community and opportunities to practice their English. Through this partnership, we have also forged meaningful friendships with them.

YMCA Yangon

YMCA Yangon is a branch of YMCA Myanmar that is located in the heart of Yangon. Being the first organisation that our founders liaised with, YMCA Yangon has provided us with invaluable support and guidance since Project Yangon started.

They facilitate our planning for health screenings and health education sessions by linking us up with the Thiri Mingala Monastery in Shwe Pyi Thar Township. During our trips, they also support us logistically by arranging transport, food; through them, we have also managed to recruit local Burmese doctors to help with our health screenings. We have established close ties with YMCA Yangon through our infant years and we hope to strengthen ties with them for many years to come.

Myanmar Eye Centre


Myanmar Eye Centre (MEC) is an eye clinic dedicated for the eye care of people in Myanmar. As part of our efforts to tackle the rising prevalence of Myopia, Glaucoma and Cataract in Shwe Pyi Thar, we have partnered MEC to set up a clinic during our Health Screening. They have generously prescribed free spectacles and screened patients for glaucoma and cataract. From our health screenings, MEC has also offered referrals to their charity clinic in Yangon which will allow more villagers to receive eye treatment. Together with MEC, we hope to expand our outreach to help the villages regain their eyesight.

Orchid Hotel


Orchid Hotel Pazundaung is located in the pristine location of downtown Yangon. They are the kind sponsors for our accommodations each year. Through the support of Mr Hta Aung, the Group Chairman of Orchid Hotels Group, they have provided us with a roof over our heads for the past 2 trips to Myanmar. The warmth and generosity of Orchid Hotel inspires us to further serve Yangon for many years to come.