Health Screening

Project Yangon organises a free health screening for the villagers of Shwe Pyi Thar over three days during our annual visit. Screening modalities include BMI measurement, Visual Acuity, Blood Pressure and Capillary Blood Glucose measurement. Villagers are offered consultations with the Singaporean and Burmese doctors whom we partner with and are prescribed medications for their health conditions. Apart from providing relief for acute conditions that the villagers are diagnosed with, much effort is placed on referrals for newly diagnosed cases of chronic conditions to plug the holes in the local healthcare system. These villagers will be referred to the YMCA Clinic that offers free consultation in the village on a weekly basis, which will better manage the villagers’ chronic conditions. This year, we are partnering with the Moe Hein Paper Mill Factory to provide free health screening for the villagers who work there. In previous years, our screening was held only at the monastery, making it almost impossible for working men of the village to be screened. Our screening this year will take place at both the factory and monastery to reach out to a greater proportion of villagers and to gain a better understanding of the health profile of the men. Project Yangon is also partnering Myanmar Eye Center this year to provide more comprehensive eye screening for the villagers. The ophthalmologists from Myanmar Eye Center will be performing fundoscopy and tonometry for villagers who present with eye conditions. Villagers screened to have cataracts and those who require more intensive follow up such as eye surgery will then be referred to the charity clinic run by Myanmar Eye Center to have their procedures done for free. Myanmar Eye Center will also be prescribing spectacles for myopic and presbyopic villagers.