Befrienders of Yangon

Befrienders is a unique initiative by Project Yangon that is deeply rooted in our values of compassion and empathy. It involves home visits and deep conversations with our local villagers, offering an authentic glimpse into their daily lives. At the same time, we also provide basic door-to-door health screening and personalised healthcare advice. These interactions give us valuable insights into the needs and lifestyles of the villagers, ensuring that the objectives of our project are as closely aligned as possible with the healthcare needs of the people we are serving. We strive to help the villagers recognise the importance of health and to support them in overcoming their addictions. Our goal is for them to view health as an attainable priority in life by equipping them with the relevant skills and knowledge. To us, a big part of this initiative is the deep sense of connection forged with the locals that makes Shwe Pyi Thar feel like a home away from home. These personal relationships are ultimately what keep our passion for this project ablaze.

In 2016, we implemented a follow-up system to try and extend care for these villagers beyond the duration of our visit. This system is a joint collaboration between Project Yangon and Golden Lotus, and is a significant step towards the empowerment of the local healthcare network. Our follow up service currently focuses on uncontrolled chronic conditions. We are looking to expand to include social services in future trips.